Welcome to the portal for the new D&D campaign!

More information will appear here as we get more.  For now, this will be a FAQ.

- What is this thing?  Obsidian Portal is a collection of mini-sites, each dedicated to a single gaming campaign.  As folks devise campaigns, they can post them up here, both to allow existing players to have a single source of information, and to allow other players in their area to find an open game that they may want to play in.

- What's the game we're talking about?  We're talking about 5th edition D&D.  I have a set of the rules, and the starter kit – we'll be beginning with the starter adventure and the sample characters that they provide.  This way, it will be easy for beginning players to get a handle on how the game works.

- I've never done this before / I've done this before / I have concerns about the devil.  If you've never gamed like this before, welcome!  If you have, but not this game or edition, well, there are varying levels of expertise and familiarity, so don't worry.  For example, I've been doing this thing for way too long (20+ years), but this edition of the game is new to me.  So, that's why we're going with the starter adventure and pre-built characters to start with.

- What can I do to prepare?  You can read this pdf or website if you want to know what the rules are like.  Don't worry about building a character right now.  And if you want to get dice, go ahead.  If not, I have plenty of loaner dice in my dice bin to use.  I do recommend at least scanning or giving it the once over.

- When are we doing this?  Good question.  You should have received an email from me earlier, asking you to add some availabilities to the calendar.  Please do that – just a few starters will do.  Once I open up the email thread from BCC, we can sort it out there, too.  I added a couple of examples for my availability in the coming week to the calendar, to get things rolling.  I'm pretty flexible… weeknights would be short sessions, weekends tend to be better because they can go longer.  I've found that a long session once every other weekend is a good schedule for adults with social lives who still want to play this game.

- You didn't address my concerns about the devil.  I thought you were joking.  While there is magic and evil and etc in these games, that's part of the world.  It's just a game.  Here's part of one of my favorite propaganda comics that tried to link Satan and D&D back in the day.

The High Road to Seacliff

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