Race Overview

The population of the world is made up of a multitude of races, each with its own cultural, physical, and social differences.  Upbringing, religion, and history have all played their parts in the evolution of these races.  On any given day, a visitor to a metropolis may see dozens of different races, and hear just as many language dialects.  However, many of the differences that set one race apart from another are often overlooked by the average person – typically, only the most obvious traits are recognized.

The races can be separated out into five major race groups; these are what are typically used in everyday life and conversation to separate one subrace from another.  A human merchant may not see the difference between a surface dwarf and a hill dwarf, but will recognize both as dwarves, or Brattrnes.

Members of a race group will almost always be able to tell the difference between subraces in their own group, unless uneducated or from an isolated area.  There are also some racial groups that have subraces that do not share traits with each other, or may be mistaken for members of different racial groups.

Race Cultural Name Language Description
Dwarf Brattrnes Brattrnes (Dwarven) Bold and hardy, known as skilled warriors, miners, and workers of stone and metal.
Elf Sammariin, Lenshii Sammariin (Elven) Elves are a magical people of otherworldly grace, living in the world but not entirely part of it.
Halfling Kine, Folk Rieur (Halfling) Affable and cheerful, halflings cherish the bonds of family and the comforts of home, yet have an insatiable curiosity.
Human Kin Rouni (Common) Standard humans; found in city or country, adaptable, quick to learn.
Dragonborn Vitnir Vitnir (Draconic) Born of dragons, the dragonborn walk proudly through a world that greets them with fearful incomprehension.
Gnome Duarte, Folk

Gobbledigook (Gnomish)

Gnomes take delight in life, enjoying every moment of invention, exploration, investigation, creation, and play.
Half-Elf Elfblooded Rouni, Sammariin Elven/human bloodline; charismatic, diplomatic.
Half-Orc Malleon Bogdan (Orcish), Rouni Orcish/human bloodline; strong with a savage side, survivors.
Tiefling Flyjia, Hellspawn Rouni, Infernal Diabolic heritage; devious, physical, develops wicked abilities.


Other Languages

Language Book Version Typical Speakers Script
Ab-he   Lawful outsiders Primic
Abyssal Abyssal Demons (tanar'ri), chaotic evil outsiders, vile outsiders Domit
Aquan   Water-based creatures and elementals Primic
Auran   Air-based creatures and elementals Primic
Avos-til Giant Giants, ogres, wild trolls Detlich
Bogdan Orcish Orcs, orogs Detlich
Brattrnes Dwarven Dwarves Detlich
Celestial Celestial Good outsiders, exalted outsiders Domit
Cormuth   Gnolls, minotaurs, beastmen Eladrin
Doggerel Goblin Goblinoids, Feydark creatures Eladrin


Race Overview

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