Character Creation


Character Creation House Rules

In general, if it’s not in the Player’s Handbook, it’s going to need DM approval.

The official books that we’re using right now are the big three; Player’s Handbook (PHB), Dungeon Master’s Guide (DMG), and Monster Manual (MM).

If there’s something in the DMG, MM, another official book, or an outside source, it’s definitely going to need DM approval.

And by DM approval, I just mean ask me about it.  If there’s a good reason and it fits, most anything’s possible.

Ability Scores

We’ll be doing point-buy for this.  The main reason is because 5th edition is more reliant (not completely) on ability scores, so having this as level as possible is a good thing.

You have 32 points to spend on your ability scores.  The cost of each score is shown below.  You can’t start the game with an ability lower than 8 or higher than 16 without DM approval.

Ability Score Point Cost
8 (below average) 0
9 (below average) 1
10 (average) 2
11 (average) 3
12 (above average) 4
13 (above average) 5
14 (superior) 7
15 (superior) 9
16 (exceptional) 12


By the book, except that dark elves and anything mentioned in a sidebar without stats requires a good reason and DM approval.

Under humans, there are ethnicities.  These are samples taken from Forgotten Realms; if you’re looking at those, anything other than Chondathan or Illuskan will need DM approval.

(Basically, Chondathans are your English, your French, your Normans, your Saxons; and Illuskans are your Northmen, your Vikings, your Scandiwegians)


If you have the books, all of the variants are available.


Alignments are required.  “Unaligned” is reserved for critters not sapient enough to make decisions about ethics and morality.

There’s no technical penalty for changing alignment during play.  However, there should be a good, in-play reason for it, and there will likely be in-play consequences.  If you just made a mistake, and it’s early enough, that will likely be a good enough reason.  

If you don’t really want to be aligned towards any ethics or morality, you want “Neutral”.

If you end up changing your alignment a lot and it doesn’t really make sense, you’ll likely get saddled with “Chaotic Neutral”.

Evil alignments must be approved by the DM.


Either take the equipment from your Background, or you get the random roll for money and have to buy all your stuff.  One or the other, your choice.  Background is guaranteed gear; random roll, you’re risking getting a low number.

Also, we’re using equipment sizes.  This doesn’t matter much at character creation.


Character Creation

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